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Dream winter locations

Now that we’re well and truly in the throes of autumn and winter, our minds are turning to the best

getaways for the season. Nothing beats escaping the drudgery of winter than visiting a new place,

sampling the food, the culture, meeting people and spending time in a different climate. The world is

so big and there are never too many places to explore! Whether you’re looking for a travelling

experience in a warm climate or a cold climate, in a city or on a beach, allowing yourself time to

recuperate and relax after a long period of work and stress is great for your health and your

wellbeing. Here are some of the places we wish we were jetting off to and the clothes that we would

wear when we got there.



Our ideal winter escape would involve jetting off to this gorgeous island. Located in the warm

environs of the Caribbean (in November the temperature clocks at 28 degrees Celsius), Barbados has

long been a go-to destination for winter time sun-seekers. Barbados has all the makings of an island

paradise with idyllic beaches, surfing areas, nature reserves, caves and exquisite marine life to

explore. For days spent away from the beach, you can mooch around the island’s capital

Bridgetown, a certified UNESCO world heritage site, which is home to cathedrals, stunning

government buildings, shops and restaurants. If we were lucky enough to be escaping the cold to

visit this beautiful island, we’d keep our ensembles simple so that we wouldn’t get too bothered and

uncomfortable in the heat. For visiting shops and seeing the sites in the capital, we’d wear a longline

shirt, like these at Mary Jane Fashion, with bear

legs and sandals for a light and airy look. For reclining on the beach, we’d wear a chic bikini or one-

piece, a wide rimmed beach hat and would be accompanied by a thoroughly engrossing book.


Helsinki, Finland

If it’s winter and cold, you may be tempted to visit a country where they well and truly experience

winter. Visit the Finnish capital Helsinki in the heart of Scandinavia where the temperatures

plummet in the winter time, but where you will be warmed by the kindness and generosity of the

people who live there. In the run up to Christmas, Helsinki is teeming with Christmas markets,

traditional parades and illuminations lighting up the main shopping area of Aleksanterinkatu. We’d

also recommend visiting one of the city’s many public urban saunas (the much-used word ‘sauna’ is

actually a Finnish word!) that are heated by natural gas and wood to provide a mellow and relaxing

experience. Wrapping up warm is imperative in Helsinki, so be sure to layer up. We’d pack jersey T

shirts and tops, light and chunky knits and a big winter coat to keep out the cold.



Venice, Italy

We all know that Venice is ridiculously romantic and scattered with beautiful architecture and

canals. You might know it, but winter may just be the best time to visit: in the summer, with soaring

heat and lots of tourists, the city can be quite smelly and dirty. In winter, when the temperatures

considerably drop, Venice is cleared of crowd and filled with mists to create a stunning and haunting

city to explore. There are hot chocolate shops and bakeries to keep you warm and full; in January

and February the annual city-wide carnival kicks off where you will see ornate masks and opulent

costumes paraded around the streets; and you will be able to visit the stunningly beautiful basilica of

St Mark without any of the tourists of high-season. Atmospheric, beautiful and chilly, you will see a

whole new side to Venice. We suggest wearing jeans, leather boots a warm knit and a trench coat

for your rambles around the canals and the beautiful squares.


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